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The Public-Private Partnership is an increasingly popular way of financing public services. Autonomous organizations, being aware of their own limitations, search for partners in efficient implementation of an investment.

Ingenis has been engaged in PPP-related activities since the onset of the formula in Poland. We have carried out dozens of projects together with the Institute for Public-Private Partnership in Warsaw. This special cooperation is mutually beneficial.

Private partners not only count on profit – they also take on the business risk of an undertaking. Besides, by engaging in resident-friendly projects, they implement the idea of corporate social responsibility.

On the other hand, a public entity may count on the experience and know-how of specialists chosen in a transparent procedure. The PPP formula works in basically every sector. In Great Britain, it serves as the basis for building schools, hospitals and even prisons. In Poland, private partners become operators of telecommunications networks or municipal carriers, they modernize public utility facilities, maintain local roads and manage sports facilities.

Within the framework of the Private-Public Partnership we develop pre-investment analyses, organizational-business concepts, cost-benefit analyses while considering the requirements of the Act on Private-Public Partnership or Act on Concession for Works and Services. We develop investment memoranda and conduct market research among potential private partners. Moreover, we support clients in negotiations and finalization of business talks ending with contract execution.